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A Millennial' SWAP

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Tittle: A Millennial's Swap


When a high-powered L.A. executive at ZILLOW gets dumped by his fiancee he will swap homes with a heartbroken Sequoia forest cowboy over the holidays, and they will discover more than just a change of scenery they will find the loves of theirs lives. 'A Millennial's Swap' is a heartwarming modern twist on 'The Holiday' that explores love, self-discovery, and an unexpected connection between two millennials from opposite worlds."

- Inspired by the spirit of 'The Holiday' (2006), 'A Cowboy's Solace'

"Inspired by the charm of 'The Holiday' (2006), 'A Millennial's Retreat' is a heartwarming tale that brings together Antonio Lopez and John Smith, two millennials from different worlds. Antonio, a high-powered executive at Zillow in bustling Los Angeles, is desperately seeking a break from his fast-paced life following a painful breakup. Meanwhile, John, a rugged cowboy in the midst of the world's oldest forest, the enchanting Sequoia, is trying to heal his own broken heart while reluctantly considering selling his secluded cabin.

Their paths unexpectedly cross when Antonio stumbles upon John's cabin listing on Zillow. Drawn to the idea of a peaceful escape, Antonio decides to embark on a spontaneous journey and swaps homes with John for the holiday season. As they step into each other's shoes, they embark on a transformative adventure, discovering love, friendship, and the true meaning of life in the process.

Antonio, a city-slicker through and through, quickly realizes that to truly immerse himself in this cowboy's haven and win over the locals, he must shed his urban demeanor and embrace the simplicity and authenticity of the countryside. As he learns to ride horses, mend fences, and chop wood, Antonio begins to forge a deep connection with nature and a newfound respect for the environment. This transformative journey not only helps him discover his own inner calm and self-reliance but also leads him to a surprising and genuine love connection with Richelle Pack. Together, they find that love knows no boundaries, and Antonio's immersion into the cowboy life becomes a metaphor for his journey toward love, self-discovery, and a richer appreciation for the natural world.

In a remarkable twist of fate, John, the rugged cowboy from the heart of Sequoia, is thrust into the dynamic world of Zillow in bustling Los Angeles. Initially apprehensive, he soon discovers that his deep connection with nature holds invaluable insights for the urban dwellers at the company. John's unique wisdom and love for the outdoors not only enhance the corporate culture at Zillow but also inspire innovative ideas that bridge the gap between city life and nature. As he becomes an unlikely advocate for eco-friendly initiatives, John finds himself falling in love with Rafael, a good person and co worker. Through their blossoming relationship, John not only learns to embrace his true self but also discovers that love transcends boundaries, leading to a heartwarming journey of self-acceptance and newfound happiness.

'A Millennial's Retreat' is a delightful modern twist on the classic 'The Holiday,' where the hustle and bustle of city life meets the tranquility of a forest haven, and two millennials find themselves on a path to self-discovery and love."



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Reynaldo Pacheco has worked in leading roles opposite Oscar Winners Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Christopher Plummer, Ernest Borgnine, June Squibb, and Billy Bob Thornton.
Stars like Ewan McGregor, Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, and Ozuna.
Past Clients: Netflix, Warner Brothers, Caribbean Cinemas, CBS, HBO, Participant Media.

Instagram - Facebook 1 M

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Rafael de la Fuente was born on 11 November 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is an actor, known for Empire (2015), Antidote (2018), American Horror Story (2011) and Dinasty.

Instagram 1.1 M

Tik Tok 3.7 M views

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Miss Dominican Republic. Clarissa Molina is one of the hosts of "El Gordo y la Flaca". Her movies opposite Ozuna "Que Leon" and "Los Leones" were number one in Netflix Latam.

Instagram 3.5 M

Tik Tok 6.3 M likes

Facebook; 2 M


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Box office: $205.8 million

Production Board



Award Winning International Producer and Executive Producer from Spain.

Her most recent work includes the feature film “The Ritual Killer” starring Morgan Freeman, Cole Hauser and Peter Stormare; the feature film “The Virgin of Highland Park”starring Dermot Mulroney, Penelope Ann Miller and Jamie-Lynn Sigler and the campaign “Recital of Remixes - Reimagine Tomorrow” for The Walt Disney Company. Truly passionate about traveling, dancing & the magical craft of producing; she has 280+ projects under her belt. Her non-profit work includes Dynamita Mentorship program and collaborations with Children Charities from all over the world. She is based in Los Angeles where she strives for diversity, unity, sustainability and a world in peace.

Specialized in Creative and Physical Production. Proud and honored to work with the biggest Studios, Brands, Labels, A-List Talent and Magazines in the globe. On a mission to unite the best creatives in the planet and together change the world through Art.

Rolfe Auerbach – Chief Executive Officer
C. 310.701.2722


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