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Genre: Historical Drama 
Comparables: The Godfather 

"In the shadow of his ruthless father's assassination, Ramfis Trujillo, the son of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. He is reluctantly thrust into the brutal world of Dominican politics, forced and manipulated by his devoted mother, Maria Trujillo. As he grapples with power, corruption, and family loyalty, he must choose between preserving the family's legacy or forging his path in 'The Dictator's Heir.'"


Short Synopsis

Based on a true story, this historical drama is a captivating film that depicts the turbulent life of Ramfis Trujillo, the son of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, the former dictator of the Dominican Republic. The movie follows Ramfis and his mother, Maria de los Angeles Martínez Alba, in the aftermath of Trujillo's assassination. Set against the backdrop of the Dominican Republic in the early 1960s, this film explores their efforts to come to terms with the dark legacy of the Trujillo regime and the pursuit of redemption. 
This gripping film unfolds the horrifying transformation of Ramfis from an heir to a ruthless dictator, making him one of the worst rulers in the country's history.





1960. Ramfis Trujillo, the son of the infamous Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo, was shrouded in controversy and power. Born in 1929, he grew up in the lap of luxury, enjoying immense privileges and influence due to his father's authoritarian rule.

Ramfis is haunted by the horrors of his father's regime and the suffering it caused the nation.   He embarks on a journey of self-discovery to delve into his father's secrets and atrocities. As he confronts his father's dark legacy, he becomes determined to distance himself from the regime. 

Ramfis covertly funnels the vast riches of his father's dictatorial regime into filmmaking. With his links in Entertainment thanks to Porfirio Rubirosa and seemingly boundless resources, he plans to become a Hollywood playboy producer.

However, his plans get interrupted by the ruthless murder of his father. Ramfis - who was once the First Son of the country - is abruptly uprooted from Hollywood and thrown into a world filled with risks and uncertainties. His mother, Maria de Los Angeles, is determined to uphold the family's hold on power and mold her son into a suitable successor. A power struggle ensues between mother and son, as Ramfis has never taken any responsibility for the dynasty due to his spoiled life and mental struggle. Ramfis suffered from psychological problems, possibly the result of the pressure that his father constantly placed on him from a young age, which led to substance abuse and overmedication.

At first, Ramfis appears uncertain, surrounded by a web of conspirators who seek to exploit his inexperience. However, as the days pass, Maria de Los Angeles aims to morph her son into an unimaginable tyrant more sinister and ruthless than his father.

Ramfies finds himself a the height of the Dominican revolution against the regime. He embarks on a campaign of terror, systematically crushing dissent and eliminating political opposition.  The people's cries for freedom fall on deaf ears as he employs ruthless methods to tighten his grip on power. His secret police force instills fear in the hearts of Dominicans, with torture and disappearances becoming everyday occurrences. He goes on to imprison his own mother and sisters in their palace. 

International condemnation and isolation follow as Ramfis's brutality becomes impossible to ignore. The United States, once a supporter of the Trujillo regime, distances itself, leading to economic sanctions and further suffering for the Dominican people.

Against this backdrop of misery, Ramfis indulges in luxury and extravagance, throwing lavish parties to emotionally torture the upper class while his countrymen languish in poverty. His descent into megalomania and personal excess mirrors his transformation into a true dictator.
The film portrays Ramfis Trujillo as the embodiment of evil, a man who inherited the throne of a nation only to become its worst nightmare—the depths of his cruelty and the resilience of those who dared to defy him.

Amid Ramfis losing his mind, Maria de Los Angeles finally escapes the imprisonment, takes back control, and subjects her son to a brutal mental treatment involving electroshock therapy. In the meantime, a daring coup by disillusioned military members and with covert support from international governments threatens Ramfis's rule. His eventual exile to Spain marks the end of his reign, leaving the Dominican Republic scarred by a legacy of brutality and fear.

In the cinematic conclusion, we find Ramfis alone on a luxurious superyacht, adrift in the vast expanse of the ocean. He clutches a coffin that contains the mummified corpse of his father, Rafael Trujillo. The boat is laden with the ill-gotten gains of his family's dictatorship—stacks of money, glittering jewels, and opulent objects that symbolize the corrupt excess of their rule.

As the boat bobs on the waves, Ramfis's `eyes, once filled with arrogance and power, now betray a profound sense of isolation and regret. He begins to mutter prayers of redemption, his voice quivering with desperation.

As the story unfolds, we see the mother and sisters trying to conceal their identity by pretending to be civilians on another boat. The scene fades to black, leaving the audience with a haunting thought about the mother, who is left to contemplate the cost of power and the never-ending pursuit of redemption in a world tainted by darkness. His mother and sisters on another boat try to disguise themselves as civilians. As the screen fades to black, the audience is left with a haunting contemplation on the mother, pondering the price of power and the enduring quest for redemption in a world tainted by darkness.


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Jason Canela is known for John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023), The Mother (2023) and Always Be My Maybe (2019)

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Rafael de la Fuente was born on 11 November 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is an actor, known for Empire (2015), Antidote (2018), American Horror Story (2011) and Dinasty.

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Miss Dominican Republic. Clarissa Molina is one of the hosts of "El Gordo y la Flaca". Her movies opposite Ozuna "Que Leon" and "Los Leones" were number one in Netflix Latam.

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The Godfather grossed over $134 million in North America and over $245 million worldwide during its original theatrical run. Adjusted for inflation, the film's worldwide gross would be over $1.2 billion in 2023 dollars

The 1972 film 'The Godfather' had 11 nominations and won three Academy. Awards.

Made for $13 million, The Godfather Part II grossed $88 million worldwide.

The film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, and became the first sequel to win Best Picture. Its six Oscar wins also included Best Director for Coppola

Box office: 136.9 million USD.

Seven Academy Award nominations

Production Board


Leslie Lluvet is a Television, Voice Over, and Film Actress. Born in Havana Cuba, and raised in Miami. Leslie, moved to Los Angeles after writing the story about her families journey through the Caribbean to the United States searching for freedom. While living in Los Angeles she has had success sharing the screen along side Jeremy Sisto, Jeremy Weber and has worked with director's including Antoine Fuqua, Rodrigo Garcia, Dan Ireland and Martin Donovan. Currently Leslie is in the middle of pitching the story about her families journey that she has turned into a screenplay, pilot and book.

Reynaldo Pacheco has worked in leading roles opposite Oscar Winners Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Christopher Plummer, Ernest Borgnine, June Squibb, and Billy Bob Thornton.
Stars like Ewan McGregor, Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, and Ozuna.
Past Clients: Netflix, Warner Brothers, Caribbean Cinemas, CBS, HBO, Participant Media.
He founded the renowned international chain of acting schools, “The Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts.” Some of his celebrity clients are Kendall Jenner, Karol G, Camilla Morrone, and Caro Daur.
He executive produced the epic movie FUERTES and has a slate of pictures in the works. He is a leading figure in the new film industry in Bolivia, where the production value is high, and the budgets are the most competitive in the entertainment industry. 


MFA - University of Southern California

Rolfe Auerbach – Chief Executive Officer
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