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Created by Reynaldo Pacheco

Graphics by Gabriela Carreón Velarde

Leonardo Romero Dupleich

Animation - Adventure - Comedy

TV Series - 30 Min

Ready for School

CHOLITA is a little Indigenous Hispanic-speaking girl who goes on adventures with her best friend, the talking llama PEPE. During their adventures, we also meet her annoying self-involved sisters, THE CHOLAS, who perform educational songs from different genres. Their adventures will take place in a mythological world where English-speaking children will learn Spanish, cultural values, and practical life lessons. CHOLITA can communicate with the viewer by asking questions that revolve around these subjects while traveling around the magical world of South America. CHOLITA will show children how unconditional love and gratitude are the secrets to happiness and how important it is always to be kind to themselves and others. The primary purpose of this program will be to teach Spanish to English-speaking children and to give them the tools to be present in their own lives and grateful to live in our diverse world. 
- Choose your own adventure format-

Hola! My name is CHOLITA, and I can not wait to travel with you all over South America's magical, mythological world!

Cholita Adventure.jpg

Let me introduce you to my best friend, PEPE. He is a talking LLAMA that only speaks SPANISH. Help me teach him inglés, and he will teach us Español!



Pepe is wild!


He loves to do educational activities and make us laugh.

His favorite things to do are outdoors because he loves nature.

PEPE The traveler.HEIC

When I say "VAMOS PEPE!" he instantly transforms into a unique adventure-ready outfit!

He loves to change colors, wear new outfits, and always has a fun haircut.

This is one way he teaches us new words and vocabulary in Spanish.


PEPE is an expert in fashion and style. He always surprises us with his NEW looks.



During our adventures, my older sisters always come out from nowhere to teach us a new song to dance to and sing along to. 

Get ready to Party with their band "Las Cholas"!

They love Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Disco, Musical Theatre, and more! Thanks to them, I have learned much about music, different instruments, and dance styles!


I always rock out with my sisters, wearing my favorite skirts and hats!

Join us by singing and dancing with your sun glasses and favorite clothes. 


Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. 


Myths are more than mere stories! They serve a very profound purpose in ancient and modern cultures. Myths are sacred tales that explain the world and our experience in it. Myths are as relevant to us today as they are to our ancestors. Myths answer timeless questions and serve as a compass to each generation.

THE protectors

These four elements help Pachamama to keep all the animals, plants, and us alive! The four elements of FIRE, EARTH, AIR, and WATER are the foundations of life. The heat, the earth beneath our feet, the air we breathe, and the water we drink are essential to our existence. They exist in a harmonious balance, which is necessary for us and the planet to stay alive.

THE Antagonists

The King and Queen have and intense and selfish desire for wealth, power, and food. 


Our planet Earth is such a beautiful planet. With all of its oceans, plants, animals, and land. That is why we artistically propose that the background world of the show could be real planet earth locations. The combination of natural earth imagery and animation with cartoons could help the children uniquely connect with nature. 


Parenting involves taking care of our children's physical and mental needs. It is about empowering children to become the best version of themselves. Parents play a crucial role in shaping children’s behavior and character. Part of this process involves teaching them about moral values they can carry with them until they are old.
That is why the core of each episode will be an essential value. 


Cholita, Pepe, and Hermanos will help organize the party for mother earth Pachamama. They thank her for all the gifts that she has for us. All the mythological characters will come to the party and show us their special gifts. Las Cholas band will have the debut of their new song. The evil King and Queen will try to stop the celebration with the help of the evil Spirit “El tio,” but the sun INTI will shine so bright on their faces making it impossible to finish their evil plan.


The Mama and The Tias will teach Cholita how to wash her clothes by the waters of the Goddess Agua. They all show Cholita the importance of keeping the water clean for the animals and plants. Las Cholas band will perform a musical number in the water, explaining more about what we can do to protect the rivers and oceans.


The evil King kicks out Kusillo for being different and blue.  The Abuelo teaches Cholita, the Hermanos, and Pepe to accept and love every character in the kingdom. Las Cholas Band will make Kusillo cry out of happiness with a deep Romantic song danced by the “Bailarines”. 


Fire teaches Cholita and Pepe that focus is important for everything in life. He lights up their world by focusing on one thing at a time. Abuelo will teach them to sit in silence and listen to nature to learn to focus and enjoy the stillness. The children will have a short meditation in the forest. Cholas's band will mesmerize us with a rock and roll theme showing how everything is created with focus. 


La Bruja is lighting some fire without being responsible. She gets some plants on fire. Cholita and Pepe will get AGUA to help them stop the fire from spreading through the forest. Fire will explain the importance of being careful with fire in nature, especially in woods.


The twin Diablito will convince Cholita and Pepe to go to the edge of a forbidden, dangerous cliff. They will fall halfway through until a Viento (Wind) will push them to a Tree hanging in the abysm. The good twin OSO will get all the family to save Cholita and Pepe. When confronted by Abuelo, they will lie about not knowing how they ended there. The Cholas band will teach them about Honesty and always listening to the family,


Tierra (Earth) Visits the village to teach Cholita, Pepe, and the Hermanos to plant different vegetables. The Cholas Band will accompany Pachamama (Mother Earth) in a sexy song that explains how fun is to raise baby plants and trees and how they clean Aire (Wind). Tierra blushes throughout the whole dance because he is in love with Pachamama.


*Respect to our ancestors
The bailarines will get in a fight and will stop dancing after the spirit la llorona puts a spell on them. Cholita and Pepe will have to find their ancestors to come to protect them from the dark spirit of la Llorona. Las Cholas band will perform a song about the importance of our ancestors and how they protect us.  

*Open-mindedness *Growth *Friendship *Faith *Knowledge *Leadership *Optimism *Spirituality *Kindness *Sense of community *Empathy *Respect *Perseverance *Gratitude *Curiosity *Blessing *Compromising *Adjusting *Truth *Trust *Respectful *Humility *Being true to yourself *Love for family *Hard work *Courage *Responsibility *Generosity *Justice & fair *Determination *Patience *Confidence *Politeness










Thank you for visiting the magical world of "Cholita the Adventurer"!

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